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Carrier Bags

Select the plastic carrier bags that are best suited to your product and your brand. You can even have your carrier bags branded on request.

It’s worth taking into account the size and thickness of your bags, as well as the colour and strength. Microns are use to describe the thickness of the bags and generally, the thicker the carrier bag, the stronger it is. As a result, if you would like a strong bag, it is best to go for a higher micron. If you sell lighter goods, and are looking for a cost effective solution, then you may prefer a lower micron bag.

If you are looking for a more sustainably sourced option, then we would recommend the recycled plastic bags or paper bag options.

We also create a bespoke branded option for those who want their company logo on the side of the bag.

Not sure which branded carrier bags to choose? Contact our Display Experts on 01329 842 000