Our range of garment covers and supplies come in a range of drop lengths and colours. They are the perfect choice for dry cleaners and high-end fashion stores Read more…

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Garment Bags & Covers

Our clear garment bags are ideal for retailers as the clothes can be seen through the plastic. As a result the clothes are always on show to customers while protecting clothes from dust and damage.

These clear garment bags are particularly popular with wedding dress and formal gown retailers.

Alternatively, we also supply navy blue garment bags in various lengths which allow users to keep their clothing selection more private. We also provide shoulder guards and trouser guards for hangers which are made from cardboard and slip over the top of wire hanger to protect clothing.

Our polythene garment covers can be purchased which come on a large roll and are particularly popular with dry cleaners. These polythene garment covers can also be popular for transporting clothes to and from exhibitions, but the garment bags are more robust and long-lasting. They are also better for protecting clothes from dirt and against the elements.

Make sure your clothes are protected with our garment covers. Call our Display Experts for more information or call 01329 842 000