Products in Stock

The vast majority of the products shown on our website are held in stock at our warehouse in Fareham. Our warehouse team has a robust stock management system in place which enables most orders to be picked, packed and ready for dispatch within an hour. At around 3.30pm (Monday to Friday) parcels are collected from us by our courier company for delivery on a 24 hour service.

Some products, due to their size or number of variants, are shipped directly from our factories. Unless otherwise stated as part of the details for that particular product, these can also be dispatched the same day for delivery to you within a day or two.

A small proportion of our products (eg retail furniture such as counters and showcases) are made to order and there will be a lead time quoted in the details for those products. The lead time that we quote can sometimes be pessimistic (we would far rather under promise and over deliver!) and it is always worth checking with our sales team as to whether we can get something to you in a shorter time.

Our customers keep telling us that they are amazed at how quickly their goods are received and that delivery with a day or two is normally perfect for their needs. But we pride ourselves on being responsive to our customers so if you do need something more quickly then please let us know by phone or email.