Removable magnetic body parts make these ghost mannequins ideal for photography and in-store displays. Read more…

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Male Ghost Mannequin

£540.00 ExVAT

Female Ghost Mannequin

£525.00 ExVAT

Ghost Mannequins

Choose between a male or female ghost mannequin for your photography or in-store clothing project. These mannequins are sometimes referred to ‘Packshot’ or ‘invisible’ mannequins. This is because different sections can be removed so that the mannequin can’t be seen in areas that are not covered by clothing.

This is particularly advantageous for those who wish to take stunning images of their garments for their website or social media feeds. In addition, these ghost mannequins can also be used in-store to create displays that do not have the distraction of a mannequin’s styling.

Our ghost mannequins are made from high quality fiberglass which makes them durable. In addition, the removable body parts are attach with magnets. As a result, these ghost mannequins are extremely practical as the parts can be changed quickly and easily. This makes it easy for photographers to take images of many items in quick succession, without having to spend a long time on re-positioning the mannequin. In addition, many online retailers find that by putting clothes on a form, it is easier for customers to see the fit – and this makes them more likely to buy.

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