Dye Tags & Retainers (100 Pack)

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These dye tags and retainers are used to dissuade thieves from stealing merchandise. The dye tag is simply placed through the clothing (or other suitable item) and then the pin is pushed into the retainer back. Each tag contains two vials of dye which are designed to break is someone tries to forcibly remove it from a product. In such an event, the dye will ruin the garment and will also mark the person’s hands and clothing.

These tags are supplied in boxes of 100. The boxes contain both the tags themselves and also the retainer backs that hold them in place. These tags should be used in conjunction with a tag detacher. Our tag removers can be found here.

Dye Tags & Retainers (100 Pack)

  • Simple design
  • Easy to use
  • Effective shoplifting deterrant
  • Easy to remove using a detacher
  • The dye should only escape if the tag is forcibly removed
  • Supplied in boxes of 100
  • Boxes include both the tags and the retainer backs
  • Bulk discounts available

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