Female Tailors’ Dummy With Wooden Arms


PRICE: £159.00 Excl. VAT


This female tailors’ dummy with wooden arms is a great way to display women’s clothing in a shop. The fiberglass body is covered with linen for an attractive, vintage feel, finish. this linen is sewn onto the body which is a 3/4 length body that cuts off at the hips. In addition, this female tailors’ dummy is supplied with a wooden cap that covers the neck. A mannequin head can be purchased separately.

This female tailor’s dummy with wooden arms has a wooden base that is shaped to add to the mannequin’s vintage feel. The base height is adjustable with a minimum height of 510 mm to a maximum of 1040 mm. As a result, this retro-style mannequin is an excellent way to display dresses in a shop. In addition, because of the unusual styling, these mannequins help you capture customer attention.

Female Tailors’ Dummy With Wooden Arms

  • Retro styling that attracts attention and is practical
  • Fiberglass body covered with linen
  • Wooden arms, neck cap and shaped stand
  • 3/4 length body that is ideal for displaying dresses
  • Wooden arms that bend at the shoulder, elbow, wrist and finger joints
  • Adjustable base that moves between 510 mm and 1040 mm
  • 850 mm (33″) bust, 590 mm (23″) waist and 820 mm (32″) hips
  • 340 mm (13″) from shoulder to shoulder
  • 533 mm (21″) arms from shoulder to cuff

These are one of our many styles of articulated mannequins. In addition to these tailors’ dummies with wooden arms, we also supply tailors’ dummies that do not have arms.

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