Size Cubes for Clothing (50 Pack) Sizes 6-54

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Use these size cubes for clothing to help your customers find the items that they need quickly and easily. The printed sizes are UK sizes and range from 6 – 54. The cubes come in several different colours. The sizes are printed onto different coloured cubes, ensuring that the colours are not re-used for sizes that are close to each other. The different colours and clearly printed text make it easy for customers to find the size that they need quickly. In addition, it makes it easy for retailers to be able to notice if clothing has been replaced out of order.

As there are many different sizes, it can be easiest to store the cubes in a container. Our rotary storage boxes make it easy to keep our size cubes for women’s clothing in order and ready to use.

Purchase these size cubes for women’s clothing in packs of 50. Each 50 pack contains one printed size and each cube measures 14 mm square. At the centre of the top of the cube, there is a hole which is surrounded by small slots. These slots enable the plastic corners around the hole to flex. Consequently, these cubes are suitable for use with most hanger types.

Size Cubes for Clothing (50 Pack)

  • Supplied in packs of 50
  • Choose the printed sizes that you need
  • Ideal for quick and easy merchandising
  • Bulk discounts apply
  • Different sizes are different colours
  • Off-the-shelf sizes are available range from 6 – 54.
  • Rotary storage boxes are available

Receive a 5% discount when you purchase between 10 and 24 packs. Even better, qualify for a 10% discount when you purchase 25 or more packs.

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