Vertical Merchandising of Retail Shelving

How To Merchandise Retail Shelving

The highest converting position on a shelf is between the height of a customer’s head and hands. Ideally, the main products should be merchandised between 0.5 metres and 1.6 metres above the floor. Unless you are targeting children, in which case the ideal height is between 0.3 and 0.9 metres. You will notice that many supermarkets use this trick for the sweets and then place the larger chocolate bars higher up. This is because they are trying to attract children’s attention to the sweets. This then encourages the children to sell the sweets to their parents.

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small letter board with yellow frame

10 Reasons Letter Boards Are So Popular

Our peg letter board beauties are taking the world by storm. Shops, cinemas, cafes, bars & restaurants are all falling in love, and so are their customers.

Here are 10 quick fire reasons why retailers and business owners are falling in love with letter boards:

1. No Artistic Skills Required

The days of having to re-write your chalkboard are gone. No more smudging of chalk, or powdery clothes; pick the letters you want and pop them in. No fine artistry is required when these bad boys are on the scene.

2. Those Retro Feels

Retailers and business owners are drawn to these letter boards because they make adding some extra style to your space absolutely effortless. In addition, they attract a lot of customer attention.

3. Perfectionist Friendly

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