GraylinGrips: Narrow Clear Hanger Grips

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These narrow clear hanger grips are one of our many GraylinGrip styles. The Display Centre manufactures GraylinGrips. In addition, GraylinGrips were the first self-adhesive hanger grips on the market. Consequently, they have become the best self-adhesive hanger grips on the market.

These narrow clear hanger grips are designed to hold garments in place on their hangers. They are self-adhesive and stick straight onto the shoulders of clothes hangers. These narrow clear hanger grips are ideal for use with t-shirt and shirt hangers. They are clear so that they fade into the background and do not detract from the clothes that you are merchandising. However, if you would like to have black ones to blend with black hangers, or to contrast with white hangers, we also supply narrow black hanger grips.

These hanger grips are easy to apply. Firstly, peel the narrow clear hanger grips off of their easy-peel backing paper. Secondly, simply put them onto the hanger shoulders. That is all that needs to be done, the long-lasting, strong self-adhesive will hold the grips in place.

The hanger grips will prevent clothes from falling off their hangers. This will save retail assistants from having to continually pick up clothes that have been knocked onto the floor. Consequently, they save retailers both time and money. In addition to our two retail pack sizes, we have created a smaller packet size which is designed for retailers to sell to their customers.

GraylinGrips are better than other hanger grips on the market as they have had longer to be developed. Their textured non-slip surface makes sure that they do their job well. In addition, their long-lasting and strong self-adhesive backs ensure that they stay in place. These hanger grips measure 80 mm long by 6 mm wide and are ideal for use with t-shirt and shirt hangers. If you wish to hang knitwear, you may prefer our knitwear clear hanger grips. In addition, we also supply broad clear hanger grips that can be used with jacket hangers. Black hanger grips are also available. Take a look on our hanger grips section to view them all.

GraylinGrips: Narrow Clear Hanger Grips

  • Self-adhesive hanger grips stick onto the shoulders of clothes hangers to hold clothes in place
  • Easy-peel backing paper for quick application
  • Strong & long-lasting self-adhesive
  • These are narrow clear hanger grips which are ideal for t-shirt & shirt hangers
  • 80 mm long by 6 mm wide
  • Choose from packs of 100 or 1000
  • Smaller packs containing 12 Hangergrips are available for retailers to sell to their customers
  • Bulk discounts available & automatically apply at website checkout
  • Fast delivery

Bulk discounts apply to these narrow clear hanger grips. To qualify for a 5% discount, simply purchase 10-24 packs of hanger grips. Even better, to qualify for a 10% discount, purchase 25 or more packets of hanger grips. The discounts will be automatically applied when you reach the website checkout.

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