Hanger Grip Retail Packs: Narrow Black (12 Pieces)

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These are hanger grip retail packs which are designed for retailers to resell to their customers. In addition, because there are no minimum order quantities, these packs can be bought for domestic use. If you are a retailer looking to upgrade your own hangers, you may prefer to purchase a pack of 100 or 1000.

Hanger grips are designed to help clothes stay in place on their hangers. They are non-slip grips which stick onto the shoulders of hangers. Our hanger grips have self-adhesive backs that are long-lasting and strong to ensure that they stay in place. The rubber is textured so that it clings to fabric to stop garments from falling off the hangers.

These are our narrow black hanger grips which are ideal for standard clothes hangers. They are ideal for holding t-shirts, shirts and dresses in place. They are particularly good for those who like to use them in combination with black or white hangers. This is because they blend with black hangers and make a good contrast with white ones.

The Display Centre created and manufacture these hanger grips. They are our own brand and are the leading hanger grips on the market. They are well designed and their self adhesive is more durable than most.

Hanger grip retail packs are neatly packaged and are ready to be merchandised as soon as they arrive. The packs include 12 grips which are on an easy-peel backing paper.

Customers love hanger grips because they are so easy to apply. Firstly, peel the grip from the easy-peel backing paper. Secondly, put the hanger grip onto shoulders of the clothes hangers. Finally, hang your clothes!

Our hanger grips are perfect for their job as they have a textured non slip surface to cling to fabric. In addition, they have long-lasting, strong self-adhering backs to hold them in place.

Each narrow black hanger grip is 80 mm long by 6 mm wide. Consequently, they are ideal for use with t-shirt and shirt hangers.

Hanger Grip Retail Packs: Narrow Black (12 Pieces)

  • Retail packs ready for retailers to sell to their customers
  • Strong, long-lasting self-adhesive backs
  • Narrow black hanger grips in 12 packs ready for re-sale
  • 80 mm long by 6 mm wide
  • Larger available for retailers also available
  • Bulk discounts available
  • Fast delivery

Bulk discounts apply to these hanger grip retail packs. If you purchase 10 retail packs, you will receive a 5% discount, automatically when you reach the website checkout. Even better, if you purchase 25 or more retail packs, you will qualify for a 10% discount. Your discounts will be automatically applied when you reach the website checkout.

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