Female Matt White Mannequin with Hair & Features “Jodie”


PRICE: £239.99 Excl. VAT


Jodie is a female matt white mannequin with sculptured facial features and straight hair. This is one of 3 different styles of Jodie. The differences between the Jodies are that this version has features and hair, but you can also purchase a featureless Jodie or a Jodie without a head. The three Jodies have the same body shape. As a result they have the same body measurements. However their heights are slightly different as the headless mannequin is shorter.

This matt white mannequin is 180 cm (5’9″) tall and has an 86 cm (34″) bust. Her waist measures 64 cm (25″) and her hips are 90 cm (35″). Our Jodie matt white mannequins are particularly popular fashion mannequins because they have a very simple pose. Jodie has a relaxed standing position that makes her suitable for displaying a wide range of clothing.

Jodie attaches to a circular metal base with a spigot that goes through her foot or the back of her calf.

Female Matt White Mannequin with Hair & Features “Jodie”

  • This Jodie has sculpted hair & facial features
  • A featureless egg head version and a headless version are also available
  • Matt white mannequin with a simple standing pose
  • Ideal for versatile & attractive clothes displays
  • 180 cm (5’9″) tall
  • 86 cm (34″) bust, 64 cm (25″) waist & 90 cm (35″) hips
  • Can be shipped internationally

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