Short Wooden Jewellery Bust

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This wooden jewellery bust is carved from solid wood which is then polished to show its grain. This exposes each jewellery bust’s unique pattern and makes for beautiful striking displays.

This is the shorter of the two light wooden jewellery busts that The Display centre supplies. It is 20 cm tall. The taller jewellery bust is 50 cm tall. Combine both of these sizes to create multi-level displays that really help to drive your sales.

Short Wooden Jewellery Bust

  • Solid wood, polished to show the grain
  • 20 cm tall
  • Ideal for necklaces
  • Give a beautiful premium feel to your store

The Display Centre also supply the perfect jewellery pricing system which is both cost effective and neat. Our Nouvelle Medium Price Cubes are unique to us and cannot be purchased elsewhere.

Contact The Display Centre for more information on 01329 842 000, or email My Display Expert.

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