Red Sale Marker Cubes for Hangers

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PRICE: £1.96 Excl. VAT


Use these red sale marker cubes to help attract customer attention. Place them on the hanger hooks of your sale garments to help drive your retail promotions. These red sale marker cubes make it easy for customers to find the items that you have on promotion. They can be used in combination with our other size marker cubes.

These red sale marker cubes are easy to use and are an excellent way to merchandise sale items. Each cube measures 14 mm square and has a hole in the centre of the top of the cubes. These holes then have small slots positioned around the hole. Consequently, the plastic can flex slightly to make it easy for the hanger hook to slide through. Simply place each cube over the end of the clothes hanger hook and slide the cube along until it sits where the bottom of the hook meets the top of the hanger.

Each pack of red sale marker cubes includes 50 pieces. Qualify for a bulk discount when you purchase more than 9 packs.

Red Sale Marker Cubes for Hangers

  • Each cube measures 14 mm square
  • Suitable for most hanger types
  • Packs contain 50 pieces
  • Sale is printed in white on all 4 facing sides
  • Bulk discounts apply
  • Easy to use merchandising tool
  • Drive your retail promotions with attention grabbing POS equipment

Get a 5% bulk discount on your cube purchase when you buy 10 – 24 packs. Even better, get a 10% bulk discount when you purchase 25 packs or more.

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