Chrome Shoe Fitting Stool for Retail


PRICE: £64.95 Excl. VAT


This chrome shoe fitting stool is designed for retail use. These shoe fitting stools are generally used by retailers as a place to sit while they help customers try on shoes. The rubber sloped part of the stool provides a place for customers to push their shoes on. In addition, this sloped part is often used for children to rest their feet on while the shop assistant ties their shoe laces.

By making the customer’s in-store experience easier, these shoe fitting stools can encourage customers to purchase shoes. The easier it is to try the shoes on, the more likely a customer is to purchase them. Particularly as once a customer has picked something up or tried them on, they are having to find reasons not to buy the product. This is opposed to when the customer is having to find reasons to pick it up.

Each shoe fitting stool measures 380 mm (15 inch) high and 780 mm (31 inch) in length. The front width of the stool is 200 mm and the back width is 400 mm. This is because the stool tapers towards the front. This is because it is easier for the retailer to fit comfortably and it provides stability.

The stool seat is padded for comfort and the chrome bars provide a clean and neat finish.

Chrome Shoe Fitting Stool for Retail

  • Padded seat for comfort
  • Non-slip rubber shoe rest
  • Smart chrome and black finish
  • Customers can try on shoes with ease
  • 380 mm (15 inch) high
  • 780 mm (31 inch) long
  • 200 mm wide (8 inch) at the front and 400 mm (16 inch) wide at the back

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