Four Yellow Nesting Crates


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The Display Centre supply a range of window dressing items including these yellow nesting crates. They make it easy to display accessories and can also be used for creative shoe displays. Some retailers have been experimenting with upending the crates and then tying the laces of shoes around them. This then allows the shoe to be suspended within the crate and creates an exciting and different display. These ornaments and home wares such as lamps, or even fashion items such as shoes!

Alternatively, the crates can be turned upside down and used as stands for items. This creates multilevel displays that will help to drive your sales. Their rustic finish and interesting design help to create a beautiful atmosphere, particularly in boutiques.

We know that driving your sales is important to you. We also know that making your window displays sing can draw customers in and really help your merchandise pop. Items like these nesting crates really make this possible. Many retailers enjoy combining a these crates with our artificial grass and our mini display trees. Our rustic white wood baskets and wooden display plinths also really compliment these items. You can attract more customers to your store by creating a little theatre. These window display props help you do that quickly and easily.

Many retailers are also experiencing an uplift in their social media following when they tweet their window displays. People love creativity, particularly those who are interested in home styling and fashion. If you would like any window display inspiration, you may like to visit our Pinterest to get some ideas! Don’t forget our Display Experts are on hand and can source you unique items, or even create bespoke ones. If you would like to talk through the possibilities call 01329 842 000 or email My Display Expert.

Four Yellow Nesting Crates

  • 4 x yellow nesting crates
  • An exciting way to drive your sales and spruce your window displays
  • Great way to contribute to multi-level displays
  • Beautiful way to boost a theme
  • Ideal for florists, boutiques, home ware stores, garden centres and many others!

If you would like any more information or display advice, please call our Display Experts on 01329 842 000 or email My Display Expert.

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