Colourful Window Dressing | Yellow Picket Fence

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Use a colourful yellow picket fence in your display to attract attention. Standing at 40 cm high and 122 cm long, this yellow picket fence is attention grabbing. This is a particularly good window display prop when combined with other props such as grass with daisies or Gerbera flowers.

This yellow picket fence is made from fibre board. You can use it year-on-year to create excellent spring and summer displays. Each fence is hinged in two places for easy storage.

Colourful Window Dressing | Yellow Picket Fence

  • Create an eye-catching summer or spring window display
  • Build a scene that captures customer attention
  • Green picket fences are also available
  • Create colourful seasonal window displays
  • Can be re-used year on year for great displays

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