Easter & Spring Flowers | Giant Sunflower


PRICE: £25.60 Excl. VAT


This giant sunflower head is a great way to brighten up a window display. It has a polystyrene centre which is textured and looks very realistic. The petals are made from polyester and are different sizes with subtle colour variations which give the flower a more realistic appearance.

This giant sunflower head is 50 cm in diameter and is very detailed. As a result, these sunflower heads make a big visual impact and help to make a display stand out. In addition, their size means that they are not so big that they will overpower the merchandise in the window. Use them in conjunction with fake grass and our other summer displays to make maximum impact.

Giant Sunflower For Summer Window Displays

  • Detailed finish
  • Made from polystyrene and polyester
  • 50 cm diameter to make an impact
  • Add extra colour and interest to a window display quickly and easily

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