Spring & Summer Displays | Daisy Flowers

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Scatter these daisy flowers throughout your window display to add colour and interest. These packs of daisies include around 60 daisies per pack and each flower head measures 3.5 cm. Use these daisies with other displays props to create a beautiful window display.

These daisy flowers are just flower heads and so are versatile. For example, a couple of daisies could be placed in the palm of an articulated mannequin or scattered around some glass cubes.

Spring & Summer Displays | Daisy Flowers

  • Give your window displays texture
  • 60 daisies per pack
  • Each daisy head measures 3.5 cm in diameter
  • Create spring and summer displays
  • Eye-catching and attention grabbing
  • Combine with other display flowers like our Narcissus flowers

These daisies are just one of our many window display props for retailers and exhibitions. In addition, we supply everything a retailer could need from fixtures to mannequins. We even do special orders.
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