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These rustic crates are ideal for displays and exhibitions. They are vintage crates that measure 50 cm long, 40 cm deep and 30 cm high. The wooden panels are unfinished and the wood is still rough. This makes them ideal for making rustic displays, and they are particularly popular for farm shop and garden centre displays.

The Display Centre recently used these to create an exhibition stand for the Farm Business Show. The images for this can be seen in the product image gallery if you are looking for ideas for how to use your crates. In addition, you will see that we have used coloured card to line the back of the crates and to add some extra drama to the exhibition stand.

These rustic crates are also commonly used for window displays. The crates can be hung from the ceiling and then used to present goods on multiple levels. They are particularly popular for presenting shoes as the shoe laces can be used to tie around the top panels and then the shoes are suspended within the crates. This can give a fun, urban feel to a display.

Please note that these crates are not perfectly finished because they are rustic. The wood is unfinished and is not sanded. If you would rather a more finished crate style, then please look at our Stained Oak Display Crates.

Vintage Rustic Crates For Displays

  • Rustic, unfinished wood
  • Vintage wooden crates
  • Ideal for displays
  • 50 cm long, 40 cm deep and 30 cm high
  • Quick & easy way to make great displays
  • Stained Oak Crates are also available
  • Please note the coloured backing is card that has been cut down to size, and is not included

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