Seaside Displays | Display Deckchair For Toys & Phones


PRICE: £12.89 Excl. VAT


These mini display deckchairs are a great way to create an attractive window display. Capture passers-by with these colourful and engaging display deckchairs. Popular with phone shops, toy shops and electronics shops; these are a quick and easy way to inject some fun into a window.

The deckchair frame is made from white wood and has a blue and white striped fabric. There are two height adjustments on the frame so that you can choose how straight to have the back of the chair.

Display Deckchair For Toys & Phones

  • 18 cm by 11 cm
  • White wooden frame
  • Blue and white striped material
  • Excellent way to showcase items in an interesting way
  • Embrace a beach, seaside or nautical theme
  • Perfect size for teddy bears, mobile phones, tablets and electronics

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