Easter & Spring | Green Picket Fence


PRICE: £44.23 Excl. VAT


Make your window display come to life with a beautiful, eye-catching green picket fence. Each fence is vibrantly coloured and is hinged in two places. Combine these creative window display props with others to create the full scene. It is items like these that help you catch your customers’ attention in the 1.5 second window you have as they pass by.

Each green picket fence is 122 cm long, 40 cm high and made from fibre board. In addition to this green option, we also supply a yellow picket fence that is the same size.

Colourful Window Dressing | Green Picket Fence

  • Make colourful window displays
  • Attract customer attention
  • Stop prospective customers from walking past without noticing your shop
  • Create colourful seasonal window displays
  • Re-use as many times as you want

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