A3 Cinematic Light Box


PRICE: £38.00 Excl. VAT


Add a little atmosphere to your space with an A3 cinematic light box. Their retro feel and easy to change letters, create a really fun and interesting vibe. So whether you are looking to improve a window display, or you simply want to create some excitement at an event, these are perfect.

Each A3 light box comes with a set of letters, numbers and symbols. These character sets are black and red and simply slide in and out of the light box frame. As these letters slide in and out of the frame, it is easy to change your message. Unlike a chalkboard, no artistic skill is required. Simply choose your message and turn the box on! As the letters are strong colours, these light boxes are also easy to read when they are not switched on. So you do not need to have them switched on all the time if you do not want to.

Their easy to use nature makes these light boxes a fast and effective way to shake up a display. So far our customers have used them for a variety of purposes including table reservation signs, photo signs and window display promotions.

A3 Cinematic Light Box

  • A3 landscape light box
  • Requires 6 x AA batteries
  • Can be used with a 9V DC 500mA mains adapter
  • Supplied with 85 black and red letters, numbers & symbols
  • White frame
  • A4 and A5 sizes also available

If you would like any more information on our A3 cinematic light boxes, please call 01329 842 000 or email My Display Expert.

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