Twin A4 3 Pocketed Portrait LED Cable Display

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The Display Centre supply a range of cable displays. These are particularly popular with estate agents for their window displays. LED backlit cable displays are also popular professional display systems for car dealerships, salons, banks and restaurants.

Backlit LED displays make it easy for businesses to drive their sales even after they have gone home. Their easy to use nature and effective, attention grabbing displays make them the perfect way to display information around the clock.

These twin A4 LED cable displays have bevelled edges which are illuminated by the LEDs and it is this that give the light pockets their glowing appearance. The displays are easy to install as they simply plug in to the mains and so no electricity cables need to be installed.

The information that is displayed in these pockets is easily changed by simply sliding out the paper inside, and sliding in the new advert. The most effective displays are created with Dura Trans or Backlit paper but any silk finish paper can be used.


Twin A4 3 Pocketed Portrait LED Cable Display

  • 3 x twin A4 LED pockets
  • 14mm deep LED pockets
  • Mains adapter included
  • Cables and clamps included
  • Four grips per pocket included
  • LEDs are energy efficient


These LED cable displays are complimented by our table top LED pockets which are backlit leaflet holders.

If you would like any more information on our cable display packages, please call our Display Experts on 01329 842 000 or email My Display Expert.

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