Wall Or Floor Socket For 32 mm Tube and Clamp

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PRICE: £3.53 Excl. VAT


Wall/Floor Socket for 32 mm Tube | Tube & Clamp Displays

This wall or floor socket allows 32 mm tube to be secured between the floor and ceiling or wall of a shop to create a retail display. This is part of a tube and clamp system. For example, a socket can be attached to the floor and another could be attached to the ceiling. A tube can then placed inside the two sockets. Following this, the alan key should be used to tighten the grub screw around the tube. This will hold the tube in place.

A variety of clamps and tube fixings can then be used to create a complete retail wall display unit. They are particularly popular for displaying clothes.

Bulk discounts are available on these wall or floor sockets. Purchase 30 or more sockets to qualify for a 10% discount. Or, even better, qualify for a 20% discount when you purchase 50 or more sockets.

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