Ergonomic Safety Knife For Film And Strapping


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Use this Technicut ergonomic safety knife to protect your staff from cut injuries, as well as musculo-skeletal problems.

These knives are aimed at those undertaking un-packing tasks such as cutting through strapping, film and tape. It is a knife that can be used in either hand. In addition, it is light and has a composite body that is covered with a soft grip synthetic rubber.

The first thing that you notice is the safety knife’s unique appearance. This is because it has an enclosed ‘Beak’ blade which is a serrated blade that is at the top of the beak. In addition, there is a generous finger guard on its spine.

As well as having a guarded blade, this style of knife also has an ergonomic design which has been produced with the help of leading ergonomic universities. The purpose of this is to prevent those who regularly use knives, from contracting musculo-skeletal problems or work related upper limb disorders. Although not often talked about, these are common side effects of using knives in the work place. This is due to the repeated action of cutting things with knives that cause workers to stand poorly or to regularly exert too much pressure on their joints.

Ergonomic Safety Knife For Film And Strapping

  • Guarded blade for safety
  • Generous finger guards surrounding the blade beak
  • Ideal for cutting film and packing straps
  • Designed to avoid musculo-skeletal problems
  • Can be used in either the left or the right hand
  • 185 mm long, 60 mm wide and 20 mm thick
  • 54 grams
  • Maximum blade length of 15 mm
  • Bulk discounts are available

Other versions of this knife are available. For example, ergonomically designed safety knives for cutting cardboard.

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