Counterfeit Money Checker Pens

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These counterfeit money checker pens are easy to use. Simply make a mark on the note and if the mark turns grey then the note is not likely to be genuine. These money checker pens are available in singles or in a pack of 3. The best value is to purchase them in a pack of three.

If you would prefer a fixed piece of equipment to check notes, that cannot be lost, it may also be worth taking a look at our counterfeit note detector.

In addition to our counterfeit money checker pens, we supply over 4,000 retail supplies and shop fittings. This includes a broad selection of safety & security equipment to help protect your business from thieves.

For more information about these pens, or any of our other products, please call our friendly team on 01329 842 000.


Single Pen, 3 Pack

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