Internal 45/90-Degree Wall Bay


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Internal 45/90-Degree Wall Bay | Shop Fittings

The Display Centre supply a range of metal shelving for retail. These include gondolas and queuing systems. Our single sided wall bays are ideal for retailers who want to display a range of items. Whether you are looking for supermarket shelves, metal shelving for hardware or even toy shelving, our shop fitting retail shelving range can help.

These Internal Corner Wall Bay configurations are one of our most popular configurations, which is why we list it here as a pre-configured unit. However, if you need to be more flexible, and to create your own wall bay units, call our Display Experts on 01329 842 000.

Internal Corner Wall Bay

  • 2100 mm high x 770 wide (on each wall) x 500 mm deep
  • Maximise display space
  • 3 x 2100 mm uprights included
  • 1 x 470 mm base shelf
  • Plain back panels included
  • 4 x 370 mm shelves with brackets and ticket edge
  • Jura (white) and silver colour options
  • Drive your sales
  • Neat displays
  • Run wall displays into a corner, even around plumbing or gas pipes

These internal corner wall bay units are ideal for many different retailers. They are used for neat and space saving perimeter shelving. These strong and versatile shop display units are incredibly popular with retailers for their ease of use and effective merchandising. The shape of these units means that they can be used to merchandise the corner of a store, and therefore ensure that the space is being used to maximum effect.

If you require a different colour, size or perhaps you just want to speak to an expert, please call our Display Experts on 01329 842 000 or email My Display Expert. Our advisors will help you create your ideal system and will help talk you through your store plan and the configuration you will need to optimise your merchandising space.

Shelving Colour

Jura White, Silver

01329 842 000
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