Retail Metal Shelving Gondola (2m) With End Bays (1m)


PRICE: From £825 Excl. VAT



The Display Centre supply a range of metal shelving for retail. These include gondolas and queuing systems. These retail gondolas are ideal for retailers who want to display a range of items. Whether you are looking for supermarket shelves, metal shelving for hardware or even toy shelving, our retail shelving range can help.

Our metal shelving units are a great way to use freestanding retail shelving systems to drive your sales and to display many different products. These systems are commonly used for confectionery, accessories, toys and small upsell items.

This configuration is called a gondola with end bays and is one of our most popular configurations, which is why we list it here as a pre-made unit. Other options are available.

Retail Gondola With End Bays

• Bay dimensions: 1400 mm high x 2000 mm wide x 1000 mm deep
• Floor dimensions: 1400 mm high x 3000 mm wide x 1000 mm deep
• 7 x 1400 mm uprights included
• 6 x 470 mm base shelves with ticket edge included
• 18 x 370 mm shelves with ticket edge included
• Plain back panels
• Jura (white) or silver as standard
• Bespoke colours on request
• Drive your sales
• Neat displays

This retail shelving system has a 50mm pitch and its fittings are compatible with Evolve, Eden and Tegometall systems. The shelves simply slot in and out so if you wish to change the configuration of your gondola at a later date, you can.

The long sides of the gondola use two shelves per shelving level. So of the 18 shelves, 6 will be used on each long side and 3 will be used on each end. The 6 base shelves are arranged with one on each end and 2 at the base of each long side. This means that once your 2m metal shelving unit is built, you will have 4 shelves on each side of the unit.

The Display Centre supply over 4,000 retail displays and business supplies. For more information about this, or any of our products, please use our contact us page.

Shelving Colour

Jura White, Silver

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