D Bar Chrome for Metal Shelving (50 mm Pitch)


PRICE: From £28.95 Excl. VAT



The Display Centre supply a range of metal shelving units for retail. These shelving units have a 50mm pitch. The pitch describes the distance from the centre of one slot to the centre of the slot above or below.

This chrome D-bar fits a 50 mm pitch and easily slotted in and out of our retail shelving systems, without the need for tools. They are easy to attach and the majority of retailers use them at the end of a retail gondola unit.

D Bar Chrome for Metal Shelving (50 mm Pitch)

These D-bars are suited to displaying a variety of items that need to be hung. This often includes hanging mats or clothing.

These D-bars come in two different lengths to suit your purpose and the size of your gondola. They are just one of many accessories that can be used on a metal gondola to customise the display to suit your needs and the goods that you need to merchandise.

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