Single Pegboard Prong for 3/4″ Pitch (Light Duty)

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These are single prong arms for with 3/4″ pitch (20 mm) pegboard. The pitch describes the distance from the centre of one hole to the centre of the next.

These single prong arms for pegboard are available in 3 different lengths. The shortest is 100 mm (4″) and the longest is 200 mm (8″). They are light duty prongs and so they are best used for light items.

These prong arms attach very simply to pegboard and do not require tools to move them. Each arm has two prongs that stick out the back and slot directly into the pegboard holes. There is then a small prong that is at 90 degrees to these arms. This small prong holds the arm straight at 90 degrees to the board. In addition, each pegboard arm has a small turned up end to prevent items from sliding off the end.

Single Prong Arms for Pegboard 3/4″ Pitch (Light Duty)

  • Light duty arms that are designed for 3/4″ (20 mm) pitch pegboard
  • Available in 3 different lengths, other sizes may be available on request
  • Turned up ends to prevent items falling off the ends of the arms
  • Bulk discounts available

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100mm (4″), 150mm (6″), 200mm (8″)

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