Single Prong Arms for Pegboard 1″ Pitch (Light Duty)

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These are light duty single prong arms that fit 1″ (25 mm) pitch pegboard. The pitch describes the distance between the centre of one hole to the next. In addition, these light duty single prong arms are available in 3 different lengths.

These arms are light duty and so they are best suited to light products. They fit into the pegboard securely as the two short prongs at the back of each arm goes into the pegboard holes. There is a small prong that sits at 90 degrees to these prongs. This small prong rests against the pegboard to ensure that the prong stays at 90 degrees and supports products neatly. The ends of these prongs are turned up to stop things from slipping off the ends.

Single Prong Arms for Pegboard 1″ Pitch (Light Duty)

  • Prong arms made for 1″ (25 mm) pegboard pitch
  • Light duty arms designed to support light products
  • Turned up ends to stop items slipping
  • Bulk discounts available

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