Classic Female Tailors’ Dummy


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This female tailors dummy has a high leg cut which comes over the top of where the hip bones would be. In addition, this dummy has the beginnings of its shoulder to help to ensure that t-shirts and dressed are fully supported. She is suitable for both dressmaking and also for creating elegant and attractive shop displays. This is because of her polystyrene body which has been covered in a natural jersey fabric.

The high cut legs of this dummy make her particularly well suited to holding lingerie. This is also made easy by her base which is off centre. Her retro look is a great way to ensure that she attracts customer attention as they walk by.

Female Tailors Dummy, High Leg

  • Suitable for dressmaking and for shop displays
  • Ideal for clothing but also well suited to lingerie displays
  • High cut legs and an offset base
  • Polystyrene body covered in jersey that makes this dummy robust to tailoring activities
  • 158 cm (5’2″) tall
  • 92 cm (32″) bust, 64 cm (25″) waist and 84 cm (33″) hips
  • Elegant body form
  • Wooden base and thistle top
  • Classic forms are also available

This female tailors dummy has high legs and wide shoulders and so is one of the most suitable for creating and displaying lingerie.

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