Child Tailors’ Dummy: Age 3-4


PRICE: £50.87 Excl. VAT


This child tailors’ dummy is the size of a child that is between 3 and 4 years old. It has a polystyrene body which is covered in a natural coloured jersey fabric. As a result, the dummy is rigid and can be used to display clothes in a shop or can be used for dressmaking. This is because the combination of the jersey and polystyrene creates a surface that can have pins pushed into it for clothes making.

In addition, this dummy is supplied with a shaped base and a wooden thistle top. As a result, this child tailors’ dummy is both practical and attractive.

Child Tailors’ Dummy: Age 3-4

  • Can be used for shop displays
  • Suitable for clothes making
  • Tolerant to pinning
  • A polystyrene body with a natural jersey fabric covering
  • Shaped wooden base and a thistle top
  • Represents a child that is between 3 and 4 years old
  • Make or display children’s clothing
  • Bulk discounts available for 3 or more dummies

This child tailors’ dummy is one of the many different sizes that we supply. You can enjoy a bulk discount on these dummies when you purchase 3 or more. Buy 3 dummies and receive a 10% discount automatically at the site checkout.

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