Black Swan Neck Female Polyhead


PRICE: £18.50 Excl. VAT


This black swan neck female polyhead is perfect for displaying wigs and accessories. These black mannequin heads are popular because of their stylised shape. Because of their height, these display heads add interest to a display. Particularly if you are displaying something on a table or cabinet that is usually quite flat. Items such as hats, wigs, scarves and sunglasses are often displayed flat on a table. By using a taller mannequin head like this, it is easier to bring the item to life and help customers imagine themselves wearing it.

The base colour of this display head is black. In addition, it has grey flecks which help to give the head a more textured look. As it is made from high density polystyrene, this head is light and easy to use.

Black Swan Neck Female Polyhead

  • 355 mm (14 inches) high
  • Tall, elegant and stylised shape
  • Light and easy to transport
  • Raises accessories off the table to attract more attention
  • Helps customers imagine the product in use
  • Perfect for wigs, scarves, sun glasses, headdresses and accessories
  • Delicate and feminine facial features
  • More display heads available in the display body parts section

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