Male Fully Flexible Mannequin with Features


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This fully flexible male mannequin has features. They can be gently manipulated into many positions. As a result, they are commonly used for modelling clothes that require mannequins to be bent into a particular position. For example, they are often used to display motorcycle clothing. In addition, they are often used as training mannequins for emergency service training and first aid courses.

They are made from a polyurathane foam. If you would like your fully flexible mannequin to stand, you will also need to purchase a stand. These male mannequins are 180 cm tall (5’9″), but the base will add a very small amount of height.

Fully Flexible Mannequin with Features

  • Display products such as sports equipment, motorcycling equipment and clothing easily
  • Ideal for those who require a flexible mannequin
  • Can be bent into many positions
  • Should be bent carefully so as not to damage the inner foam or mannequin skin
  • Metal base available
  • Flexible arms, legs, neck and torso
  • 180 cm (5’9″) tall

The mannequin is fully flexible and can be bent into many positions. But it should be bent carefully and slowly to prevent damage to the mannequin’s skin or inner foam. The head can be bent from side to side and upwards and downwards. The arms can be rotated the whole way around at the shoulder. The torso can also be bent at the waist. The mannequin’s legs can be bent 30 degrees with the leg straight or 90 degrees at the knee.

These fully flexible mannequins are just one of the many mannequin styles that we supply.

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