Fully Flexible Featureless Male Mannequin


PRICE: £428.99 Excl. VAT


This featureless male mannequin is fully flexible. It can be gently manipulated into different positions. As a result, these mannequins are popular with retailers for displaying items that require a more dynamic and interesting pose. In addition, they are often used for first aid training courses and by the emergency services for training.

These mannequins are made from a polyurethane foam and they can be supported by a small round base. These mannequins are 5’9″ (180 cm) tall.

Fully Flexible Featureless Male Mannequin

  • Fully flexible mannequins that can be gently bent into the desired position
  • A base can be used to support the mannequin in a standing position
  • This mannequin has no facial features
  • Display items such as motorcycle gear with ease
  • 5’9″ which is 180 cm tall
  • Fully flexible mannequins with features are also available

These fully flexible mannequins are one of over 130 different mannequin styles supplied by The Display Centre.

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