Fully Flexible Featureless Female Mannequin


PRICE: £428.99 Excl. VAT


This is a fully flexible female mannequin that does not have any facial features. This mannequin is made from a polyurethane foam and so it can gently be posed into a great number of positions. This is perfect for those who would like to display items such as motorcycle wear or costumes. In addition, these mannequins are frequently used for training by the emergency services. These mannequins are 5’8″ (176 cm) tall.

Fully Flexible Featureless Female Mannequin

  • Female mannequins that do not have facial features
  • Fully flexible, gently bend them into any position
  • Ideal for displaying items that need a more dynamic pose
  • A base can be purchased separately to help the mannequin stand
  • Legs can be bent to 30 degrees with the legs straight or to 90 degrees at the knee
  • Torso bends at the waist
  • Arms can be rotated around the shoulder

Contact The Display Centre team for more information about these flexible mannequins.

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