Age 2-4 Matt White Unisex Featureless Child Mannequins


PRICE: £156.95 Excl. VAT


These unisex featureless child mannequins represent a child that is 2-4 years old. Each mannequin has a durable matt white finish that helps to make your clothes stand out. They have a featureless face and stand in a relaxed pose with their hands out at their sides. As a result, these mannequins are a versatile way to display children’s clothing.

One of the benefits of the featureless face is that these mannequins can be used to model both boys and girls clothing depending on your display. In addition, because they have such a neutral finish they are appropriate for all seasons. It is the same neutral finish that ensures that it is your merchandise that stands out.

These unisex featureless child mannequins are also sometimes known as egg head mannequins. They are 102 cm (3’3″) tall and have a chest size of 57 cm (22″). Their waist is 50 cm (19″) and their hips are 60 cm (23″).

Age 2-4 Matt White Unisex Featureless Child Mannequins

  • Matt white featureless mannequins that are age 2 to 4 years old
  • Suitable for displaying both girls and boys clothes
  • Durable matt white finish to ensure your clothes stand out
  • Supplied with its mannequin base
  • 102 cm (3’3″) tall
  • 57 cm (22″) chest, 50 cm (19″) waist & 60 cm (23″) hips

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