Age 10-12 Matt White Boy Mannequin with Features


PRICE: £175.99 Excl. VAT


This matt white male child mannequin represents a child that is 10 – 12 years old. This is a boy mannequin that has sculpted features and hair. He is made from durable high quality fibreglass. This male child mannequin is supplied with a circular glass base that is sturdy. In addition, this base can be attached through the child’s foot or calf. It is attached with a spigot. As a result, it is easier for you to display shoes on your shop mannequin.

This boy mannequin has his arms rested by his sides and his feet are very slightly narrower than shoulder width apart. He is 156 cm (5’1″) tall and has a chest size of 74 cm (29″), a waist of 64 cm (25″) and a hip size of 79 cm (31″).

Age 10-12 Matt White Male Child Mannequin with Features

  • Glass base that attaches through the leg or foot
  • High quality, durable fibreglass
  • Sculpted facial features and hair
  • 156 cm (5’1″) tall
  • 74 cm (29″) chest, 64 cm (25″) waist & 79 cm (31″)
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The Display Centre supply a wide range of tailor’s dummies and body forms. In addition to these classic mannequins, we also supply child articulated mannequins that have wooden arms.

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