Age 6-8 Matt White Headless Female Child Mannequin


PRICE: £159.95 Excl. VAT


This female child mannequin has a durable matt white finish. She is ideal for wearing clothes that are for children sizes age 6 to 8. She stands on a circular metal base.

This female child mannequin stands with her feet at around shoulder width apart and with her arms resting behind her back. This mannequin is 127 cm (4’1″) tall. In addition she has a 70 cm (28″) chest, a 59 cm (23″) waist and 74 cm (29″) hips.

Age 6-8 Matt White Headless Female Child Mannequin

  • Durable matt white finish
  • Perfect for modelling clothes for ages size 6-8
  • 127 cm (4’1″) tall
  • 70 cm (28″) chest, 59 cm (23″) waist & 74 cm (29″) hips
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