Child Energy Bust Form, Age 6-8


PRICE: £43.77 Excl. VAT


This is a child size energy bust form from the Italian Energy Collection. Manufactured to European standards from high density black plastic, these bust forms are ideal for displaying children’s clothes. These black child bust form mannequins are made from a durable, heavy duty plastic that has a smooth and shiny finish. In addition, each bust form is supplied with a chrome neck cap for a finished look.

These child size bust forms are versatile because they can be displayed in a number of ways. They can be hung from a neck lanyard or a slatwall bracket. Alternatively, they can be mounted onto a stand.

This child is representative of a child that is between 6 and 8 years old.

Child Size Energy Bust Form: Age 6-8

  • Durable high density plastic
  • Manufactured to high standards as part of the Italian Energy Collection
  • Supplied with a chrome neck cap for a polished look
  • Can be displayed in a number of ways including being mounted on a stand or hung from a lanyard or slatwall bracket
  • 6 to 8 year old child
  • Perfect way to display children’s clothes
  • Also available in white

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