Male Mannequin With Wooden Arms


PRICE: £249.00 Excl. VAT


This male mannequin has wooden arms which bend at the wrist, elbow and shoulder. As a result, you can position your mannequin to display your clothes in the best way possible. In addition, this male mannequin is also supplied with a head.

This mannequin has a fiberglass body that is sewn inside a linen cover. In addition, it has a circular glass base which can be attached through the calf or the foot.

Male Mannequin With Wooden Arms

  • Wooden arms which bend at the fingers, wrist joint, elbow and shoulders
  • Glass base
  • A head is provided so you can choose what suits your display best
  • Calf and foot attachment is supplied to allow you to choose how your mannequin attaches to its base
  • 1890 mm (6’2″) tall
  • 410 mm from shoulder to shoulder
  • 980 mm chest, 760 mm waist and 910 mm hips
  • 570 mm head circumference


This male mannequin is one of over 130 different mannequin styles in our range. This one is a full body mannequin and has wooden arms.

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