Male Vintage Dummy, Articulated


PRICE: £239.00 Excl. VAT


This male vintage dummy has articulated arms which bend at the wrist, elbow and shoulder. He has a stand that has wheels and has been designed to look like a vintage item. These wheels allow for easy movement and, in addition to the prop foot brake and spring, contribute to the vintage feel of the dummy. The vintage male dummy comes with a thistle top and dark wooden arms. The body is made from fiberglass and it is sewn into a white linen cover.

The arms make this an excellent choice for retailers who would like to be able to display a variety of clothing items or who would like to give a vintage, high-end, feeling to their store. the arms bend and so can be manipulated into different poses.

Articulated Male Vintage-Look Dummy

  • Dark wooden arms that bend at the joint
  • Dark wooden thistle top
  • 980 mm chest, 780 mm waist and 920 mm hips
  • 740 mm tall body which measures 480 mm from shoulder to shoulder
  • The body can be secured at different heights on the stand
  • Prop foot brake and spring to add to the vintage look of the dummy

This male dummy has a vintage look. It is complete with a sand that has wheels and a prop  foot brake. He is one of over 130 different mannequin styles that we supply.

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