Freestanding Male Three-Quarter Mannequin With Wooden Arms


PRICE: £159.00 Excl. VAT


This male three-quarter mannequin has wooden arms and is freestanding. He is perfect for standing on your counter top. He enables you to maximize display space, and show off your ranges everywhere a customer goes. The white body contrasts well with the dark wooden arms to give your mannequin an appealing, eye-catching look. His body is made from fiberglass that is sewn into a linen material.

Freestanding Male Three-Quarter Mannequin With Wooden Arms

  • Stands without a base
  • Suitable for a counter-top, table or window display
  • Dark wooden arms which bend at all the joints, including hands and fingers
  • Linen covered fiberglass body
  • 990 mm tall
  • 950 mm chest, 780 mm waist and 880 mm hips
  • 380 mm shoulder to shoulder
  • A head circumference of 540 mm

This is one of our many male tailor’s dummies for menswear clothing displays. Need more information? Talk to The Display Centre team.

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