Male Three-Quarter Articulated Dummy


PRICE: £239.00 Excl. VAT


This male three-quarter articulated dummy is an attractive way to display a variety of different clothing styles. His arms bend and can be posed into different positions. In addition, he is supplied with a wheeled stand that is detailed. It has a prop foot brake and a spring coiled around the base. As a result, this mannequin has a retro look that is very popular with many retailers and trade show exhibitors.


Male Three-Quarter Articulated Dummy

  • Wooden arms that bend at the joints
  • Pose the arms into the position you would like to best display your clothes
  • Detailed stand with a spring and prop foot brake for effect
  • 3/4 length body
  • 820 mm tall body
  • 425 mm shoulder to shoulder
  • 930 mm chest, 770 mm waist and 910 mm hips
  • The mannequin can be secured at different heights on stand


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