Male Straight Legged Articulated Mannequin


PRICE: £209.00 Excl. VAT


This male straight legged articulated mannequin is one of three different poses in this style of mannequin. These male mannequins have light wooden arms and durable white fiberglass bodies. The arms bend at the elbow, shoulder and wrist joints. In addition, the mannequins fingers bend. Dark wooden arm options are also available.


Male Straight Legged Articulated Mannequin

  • Light wooden arms that bend at the shoulder, elbow, wrist and finger joints
  • Attractive and attention grabbing menswear displays
  • Also available in a right leg forward pose and a left leg forward pose
  • 1867 mm (6’1″) tall
  • 267 mm (10.5″) feet
  • 1029 mm (40.5″) chest, 813 mm (32″) waist and 914 mm (36″) hips


For more information about this male articulated mannequin with light wooden arms, contact us. Call 01329 842 000 for more information.

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