Male Sitting Vintage Articulated Mannequin


PRICE: £249.00 Excl. VAT


This male seated mannequin has wooden arms and a vintage style. This male sitting mannequin is a good way to provide some variety to your displays and contrasts nicely with our male standing vintage forms. His arms are made from a dark wood and the shoulders, elbows, wrists and finger knuckles bend. As a result, he is a very versatile mannequin. His arms can be posed to create a relaxed look, or a more formal one, depending on what he is dressed in. The stool that he is sitting on is sold seperately.

Male Sitting Vintage Articulated Mannequin

  • Sitting mannequin to add variety or your shop displays
  • Dark wooden arms that can be posed into different positions
  • 1370 mm tall
  • 980 mm chest, 800 mm waist and 830 mm hips
  • 410 mm from shoulder to shoulder
  • Feet that measure 260 mm long
  • 570 mm head circumference

This is one of over 130 different mannequin styles that supply. Contact The Display Centre for more information about any of our displays.


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