Male Articulated Mannequin, Right Relaxed Pose


PRICE: £209.00 Excl. VAT


This male articulated mannequin is one of three that we have in this particular style. This one stands in a relaxed pose with his right leg angled forward. There are two other styles of this mannequin which are the left angled leg pose version and the straight legged version. All three of these mannequins have wooden arms in a light wood finish. In addition, each mannequin is supplied with a subtle base. His wooden arms bend at the joints so that you can position his arms in different ways.

This male articulated mannequin has a relaxed pose and a vintage style finish. His body is made from fiberglass which is strong and durable.

Male Articulated Mannequin, Right Relaxed Pose With Wooden Arms

  • Durable fiberglass body and legs
  • Wooden arms that bend at the joint to create interesting displays
  • One of three different poses in this male articulated mannequin style
  • Create retro-feel, interesting and luxury clothing displays
  • Useful for creating website images as well as for in-store
  • 1854 mm (6’1″) tall
  • 1016 mm (40″) chest, 889 mm (35″) hips and a 826 mm (32.5″) waist
  • 267 mm (10.5″) foot size

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