Male Counter-Top Articulated Dummy


PRICE: £149.00 Excl. VAT


This counter top, short male articulated dummy is perfect for retailers who would like to be able to display their shirts and t-shirts in a limited space. The shorter torso is ideal for standing on top of a counter or shelving unit holding jeans. This short male dummy has a wooden neck cap and is supplied with an adjustable base. As a result, you can make the dummy taller, should you need to change where it stands in your shop.

This male tailor’s dummy has articulated, light wooden, arms which bend at the joints.

Male Counter-Top Articulated Dummy

  • Short tailor’s dummy that is ideal for counter tops
  • Adjustable base so you can use it elsewhere in the shop if you would like to
  • Base adjusts between 300 mm and 730 mm and has a 290 mm diameter
  • 960 mm chest, 820 mm waist and 870 mm hips
  • 480 mm from shoulder to shoulder
  • 740 mm long arms (559 mm from shoulder to cuff)
  • The body height with the cap is 680 mm

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