Female Three-Quarter Vintage Style Mannequin


PRICE: £159.00 Excl. VAT


This female three-quarter vintage style mannequin is suitable for standing on a counter top or plinth. It allows you to have all of the atmosphere of a female articulated mannequin, but also saves valuable floor space. This vintage style mannequin has wooden arms that articulate and bend at the joints. Consequently, this style of body form allows you to create a more interesting display than plastic models.

She is made from fiberglass which is covered in linen. She comes complete with a head and her wooden arms. Her body measures 755 mm (2’5″) tall. She has a 850 mm (33″) bust, a 640 mm (25″) waist and 840 mm (33″) hips. In addition, she measures 375 mm (14.7″) from shoulder to shoulder.

Female Three-Quarter Vintage Style Mannequin With Wooden Arms

  • Vintage style mannequin to stand on counter tops or plinths
  • Fiberglass body covered in linen with wooden arms
  • Retro styling to make a more interesting shop display
  • Female mannequin, perfect for womenswear displays
  • Also available with a stand
  • 850 mm (33″) bust, 640 mm (25″) waist and 840 mm (33″) hips
  • 375 mm (14.7″) from shoulder to shoulder
  • 755 mm (2’5″) body height

This vintage style mannequin is one of over 130 different styles in our range. If you would like more information about this shop display, or any of the other 4,000 products in our range, please contact us today. Call us on 01329 842 000.


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